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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 11, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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[ cheers ] playoff fever is gripping the bay area as baseball fans hope for another bay bridge series. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. the giants are battling for a ticket to the national league championship series after losing the first two games to
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the red. they won the next two so today's game is winner take all. joe fonzi is live. let's go to him. what's it like there? >> reporter: two days ago, the folks in cincinnati thought they might get it done. all they had to do was win one. and the giants won one today and then today, the giants are up 6 runs. the big hit, the grand slam by buster posey. they are now in the top of the 6th. it's a 6-2 ballgame. the giants, they have a lot of history. there's lot of thing this franchise has accomplished. but if they do this, come back and win three straight on the road after being down 2-0, it
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will really rank as all of the sports history. it's never been done in this legal. right now, the giants are leading 6-2 and on the verge of making history. >> all right. we'll keep our fingers crossed. thanks for checking, in joe. there's been really lud cheers around the bay area especially after buster posey's grand slam. tara moriarty is live at the irish times in san francisco. i see some crowds out there, tara. >> reporter: that's right. people are spilling out on the streets at the irish times. we're in the heart of the financial district. we've seen women in their high heels and men clutching their briefcases, running to catch a look at the game here. [ cheers ] >> reporter: now, you can feel the electricity in the air during the fifth inning when posey hit that home run.
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everyone started to yell mvp! the owner's daughter says that some of her daughter's may be calling -- customers may be calling it an early day at work. >> i don't know if they will do hookey. they might call it an early appointment. >> are gonna tune in? >> absolutely. >> this is an exciting time for the whole bay area. >> go! >> come on! >> reporter: and that hit was by crawford and then blanco door scored. it's not -- scored. it's not over. the reads scored 2. now we're in the next inning. this is actually a bus lane. the bus line has had difficulty getting through. so many people when they hear the cheers, they flock to the television screen to see what's happening. we don't know how long it's gonna take.
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but so far for these fans, it looks pretty good. live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. centered into right field, a base hit! coming around! and the oakland as will win another day! that was the scene last night. the as were down to their last three outs when they rallied to beat the detroit tigers. 4-3 at a wild coliseum. once again, the as congratulated the coco crisp with a whipped cream can pie. the first pitch of the -- whipped cream pie. the first pitch is at 6:37 p.m. at the oakland coliseum. we'll have the latest on all bay area baseball coming up at 5:00p p.m. -- 5:00 p.m. our other top story -- the possible break in the case of a hayward girl who disappeared 24 years ago. michaela garecht was kidnapped out side of a corner store -- outside of a corner store and
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now a bone pregnant unearthed in the central valley may help to try to solve this mystery. alex savidge is live with how that bone could be tied to a pair of serial killers. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: good afternoon. a three-inch bone could be the key to figuring out what happened to michaela garecht. experts are having the bone tested. it was found along with other remains in a central valley well where the speed freak killers buried their victims. the disappearance of michaela garecht back in 198, it gripped the area. now, a possible break for the family and the police. investigators have announced they've sent a bone fragment to a lab to see if it belongs to gather ect, they are having it test -- garecht. they are having it tested. >> i had a feeling somebody was gonna happen. >> reporter: sharon ron, mick
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-- sharon, michaela garecht's mother, got the news she's been waiting for. the victims of the speed freak killers -- >> if this is michaela, it breaks my heart. it breaks my heart. i scuff want to find her and bring her -- i just want to find her and bring her home. >> reporter: investigators say they were given the bone by the family of 16-year-old joanne hobson. they had this single bone police that did not belock. it was sent to hayward police two weeks ago. detectives say the approx malt age of the child and the amount of time its -- approximate age of the child and the amount of
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time it's been buried leads them to this belief. garecht's mom just wants to know what happened to her daughter. she write as blog. "i think this might be it," she said. hayward police are working with the fbi. they expect it to be several weeks before the tests are in and they will know if that bone belongs to michaela garecht. back to you. >> thank you. police in hollister are asking for help to find a 25- year-old woman who has not been seen since she dropped off her child for school yard morning. heather carol did not return in the afternoon to pick up her child or two other children she cares for. family and friends say this is completely out of character. she's describeds -- she's described as 5'5", reddish hair, brown eyes. she lass safety -- she was last
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seen driving a tan sequoia suv. 18-year-old max wade of san rafael is charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting at a couple in mill valley back in april. she's also accused of stealing celebrity chef's guy fieri's $200,000 lamb bore ginnfully a san francisco -- lamborghini from a san francisco dealership last year. he's being held on $2 million. san rafael police have helped up -- stepped up patrols following a wave of home burglar ris. several times on mike drive, kendangerous drive and the peacock gap neighborhoods -- kendris drive and the peacock gap have been vandalized. they are taking jewelry and cash. >> they are going through the drawers and then they neatly put everything back and they take the jewelry and we believe they are taking a pillowcase to
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put the property in. >> police say the thieves were so neat in their crimes that it took days for some homeowners to realize they've been robbed. a plan to place the oakland police department under federal control will be the subject of a community meeting tonight. a motion was filed last week accusing the o.p.d. of failing to implement court- sanctioned reforms ordered almost ten years ago. the reforms stem from the 2003 settlement from the misconduct case. tonight's community discussion is being hosted by oakland cop watch. it's set to take place at 7:00 p.m. at the grassroots house on blake street in berkeley. >> the number of homes that received some sort of foreclosure notice dropped sharply last month. september marked a five-year low with slightly more than 180,000 properties receiving a foreclosure filing. that's 15% less than a year ago. california remains the state with the second largest number of foreclosures.
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the labor department had better-than-expected news. the number the new claims dropped to its lowest level in more than four years. 300,000 filed for benefits. that's down 30,000. walmart workers are threatening to go on strike during one of the busiest shopping days of the year if walmart does not improve their working conditions. workers warn they could hold strikes or protests on the day after thanksgiving, when people -- when many people wait outside doors trying to get holiday deals. he'll be spending the rest of his life in prison. now jerry sanduskt is facing a financial hit in the wake of his conviction on molestation charges. will we see more showers in the forecast?
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mark tamayo will be here to tell us what's in store for the weekend. and last-minute preparations are underway for paul ryan and vice president joe biden. hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables
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airspace over the weekend. the unmanned aircraft was shot down by israel over the northern der. it marked a rare -- desert. it marked a rare beech of airspace. israel suspected hezbollah because of their history. government officials say a suspected al qaeda terrorist killed a long-time worker at the u.s. embassy in yemen. authorities say a masked gunman on a motorcycle opened fire on the yemeni chief of security. he was headed to the embassy for he -- where he worked for nearly 20 years. the drive-by shooting happened fairly far from the ambassador. but the source says the assassination has the fingerprints of -- assassination has the fingerprints of al qaeda. it's unclear if this is related to the killings in lib bau. killings -- libya.
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jerry sanduskt is looking at taking a financial hit in addition to his prison time. penn state they will revoke the $59,000 annual pension jerry sanduskt would have received. he was sentenced tuesday to at least 30 years in prison for molesting ten day boys. the -- ten boys. the retirement system says that his wife is not entitled to survivor benefits. jerry sanduskt's attorneys say they will fight the decision. the two presidential running mates are set to meet tonight for the first and only vice presidential debate. sandra endo has more on why the stakes on this particular debate are so high. >> reporter: just hours before joe biden and paul ryan faceoff at kentucky center college, david axelrod says biden is looking forward to the debate. >> there are really clear distinction between the president and mitt romney even if governor romney is trying to fuzzy up those distinctions.
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>> reporter: but republicans seem to be tempering expectations. >> i've known paul for a long, long time. he's always hit the ball out of the park. but let me tell you something -- this is his first time. joe biden has been doing this since the 1800s. >> ryan doesn't deny joe biden has political experience. >> i know how he will come and attack us. the problem he has is he has barack obama's record he has to run on. >> reporter: with the polls tightening into a virtual tie, the stakes in danville are high, especially after last week's presidential debate, when mitt romney was widely viewed over being victorious over president obama. joe biden has to avoid making a gaffe. the president said he has confidence in joe biden. >> i think joe just needs to be
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joe. congressman right june a smart -- is smart and he's an effective speaker -- ryan is a smart and effective speaker but his idea are wrong and joe knows that. >> reporter: ryan says the two actually get along quite well. they know eacher from -- each other from capitol hill. back to you. >> you can watch the debate right here on the news at 67:00 right here -- 6:00 right here. the news of ktvu will follow. we're providing live coverage on our app and live streaming. according to data from state election board, more democrats than republicans have registered to vote in most battleground states including
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florida and nevada. campaign says a deeper look also shows an uptick in latinos and young people. more than half of california schools met the state-wide academic achievement award. the score is calculated from different state standardized tests. the route says middle school students made the highest grades followed by high school and then elementary students. just a day after a warning from firefighters it appears the fire starter has struck again in a garbage truck. this ises ninth fire in two -- is the ninth fire in two weeks. so far only trees and fences have been damaged but neighbors are concerned the fires could get worse. >> the next day i came, it was
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all burned. that was the first fire, all of that stuff burned. they clean that out, the dumpster was replaced and then another fire and then another one. >> yesterday morning firefighters went door to door handing out fliers about the arson, they are doing extra patrol. a small earthquake hit just off the coast of san francisco this morning, the magnitude 2.4 quake struck at 7:01 a.m. the usgs says it was centered west of the -- west of the zoo and it was less than 2 1/2 miles deep. we have been tracking the active weather pattern the last couple of days. the clouds, the showers and even some thunderstorms. and we still have lingering cloud cover out there. here is a beautiful site. baseball very popular this week and the giants playing right now and the as play later on this evening. we will have some cloud cover to talk about for that as game.
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right now look at this, all of the shower activity especially down to central and southern california. and that's snow just outside of yosemite park there. as we come in tighter, i'm wopping more moisture. in fact, we switch to the radar and you can see right now with -- it looks like a blanket right there -- there it is. and we have some more rain showers primarily to the east. but just a circulation around this, this could approach the bay area for the afternoon and as a result, we do have to hold onto that possibility of a sprinkle or light shower. as far as current numbers, it's cool. look at these 12:00 numbers, 50s and 60s. antioch, 65. san jose, 58 and san francisco reporting mostly cloudy skies, 56. for today, a lot of cloud cover out there. temperatures on the cool side. even tomorrow there's the chance of a sprinkle with the sun/cloud mix. the weekend, we gradually scale back on the clouds, especially by sunday.
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as a result, temperatures do warm u as far as the as -- warm up. as far as the as forecast, a bit of a bridge. the temperatures, you want to -- a bit of a breeze here and the temperatures, you will want to bundle up. the showers and thunderstorms are shifting to the south towards bakersfield and los angeles. we'll hold onto the cloud cover. we traced in the circulation here and there's a good bet that cloud cover will continue to move in. in forecast model generating a few light showers focused in the south bay, possibly the east bay. as we do expand this view, we hold onto the possibility of some spotty sprinkles. the cloud cover on the increase into saturday morning but another weak system fizzles out over name. as far as today, these readings on the cool side. not much of a warmup. chance of a shower for today.
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maybe a few sprinkles for the first half of the weekend and then all of the clouds clear out and then by sunday, monday, temperatures could approach the mid-80s so a significant bounce in numbers. but for today, we'll keep it cool. >> thank you. >> sure. national zoo veterans say their giant panda cub died because of liver and lung programs. this is panda cam video of the mother and baby. it was taken before the 6-day- old cub died. her wrungs why underdeveloped and did not provide enough oxygen to her liver. scientists say the infant mortality rate for giant pandas is between 20 and 25%. a small quake hits the bay area. we'll tell you where it was
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stocks were up due to the encouraging weekly jobs claim number but were tempered by a widening trade deficit and higher unemployment in greece. and more worrisome news for the global economy. s&p 500 a downgrading spain's
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credit rating, it dropped two levels. s&p says the downgrade comes because the capacity for spain's political institutions to deal with the current economic sand finance am crisis is declining. our report out today says tourist force the london olympic and paralympic games failed to give a boost. the number of visitors was lower between june and august compared to the previous year. it dropped about 7%. the tourists said the spending hovered around the same before at $9.7 billion. a report says airlines are reduce the number of long tarmac waits that customers have to sit through. the report was released by the u.s. department of transportation. in august, airlines reported tarmac delays longer than three hours. they must be reported.
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luggage lost and discrimination complaints are as down -- are also down. there are new clues in the case of a missing hayward girl, as we told you earlier. a bone fragment test is being done to confirm if it is michaela garecht. coming up at 5:00, what we're learning about the testing and new clues being uncoverrd in the case -- uncovered in the case today. we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thank you for joining us.
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